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Christmas Tree Safety
According to the National Fire Protection Association, from 2000 to 2004, Christmas tree fires caused an average of 14 civilian deaths, 21 civilian injuries, and $16.8 million in property damage per year. On average, one in every 22 reported home Christmas tree fires resulted in death. Additionally, electrical malfunctions, candles, heaters, and children playing with fire started many of these preventable tragic fires.
  • When purchasing a live tree, check for freshness. A fresh tree is green with needles that are hard to pull from the branches. The trunk butt of a fresh tree should be sticky with resin, and when tapped on the ground, the tree should not lose many needles.
  • Do not put your live tree up too early or leave it up for longer than two weeks.
  • When purchasing a metallic or artificial tree, make sure it is flame retardant. Look for the label "Fire Resistant." Although this label does not mean the tree won't catch fire, it does indicate the tree will resist burning and should extinguish quickly.
  • Place your tree away from heat sources and escape exits. Remember to water the tree daily.
  • Decorate your Christmas tree (real or artificial) only with flame-retardant or non-combustible decorations.
  • Make sure your tree stand is wide-based and sturdy. This will reduce the chances of the tree toppling over.
  • Do not let a live tree dry out. Always use a tree stand with a water reservoir, and keep the reservoir filled.
  • Never use candles on or near the tree.
  • Safely dispose of your tree before it becomes dangerously dry. The best way to dispose of your tree is by taking it to a recycling center or having it hauled away by a community pick-up service.
  • Never burn tree or tree parts in your fireplace.
A tree flocked with fire resistant material
Would not burn
A tree that has been constantly watered
Would not burn
A tree that was not watered for several days
Caught fire and burned completely in under one minute
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